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New Zealand to Ban Plastic bag

The Assumption of Mary

The learning intention learning the life of Mary

The Assumption of Mary
  • Mary was born and grew up with her parents Ann and Joachim.
  • Mary grew up with her parents.
  • Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel he said “ Do not be afraid Mary for you have been
  • chosen by God to have a son and you will name him Jesus” and Mary said “I am the
  • handmaid of the Lord let it be done to me”
  • Mary had a cousin named Elizabeth and Mary visited her Elizabeth had a husband named
  • Zechariah who was mute because he did not believe he was going to have a son in his old
age so when Mary got to the house of Elizabeth both of them felt their sons  jump with joy
n when Mary and Elizabeth saw each other .
  • Jesus was born in a little stable.
  • Mary and Joseph presented Jesus in the temple  and that is when the prophet Simon and the
prophetess Anna saw Jesus and blessed him.
  • Mary and Joseph lost Jesus and then found him during Passover they day the Jews
celebrate the angel of death passing by the houses of the Jews in Egypt ( read Exodus).
  • Mary asked Jesus to create more wine for the wedding of her friend's son.
  • Mary followed Jesus with his ministries
  • Her relative named Lazarus died.
  • Mary and Jesus cried for him.
  • Mary cried when Jesus was flogged , when he put on the crown of thorns, when he carried
the cross, and when he was nailed to the cross.
  • Mary was there during Pentecost and was blessed by the Holy Spirit.
  • Mary went to heaven both body and spirit to be reunited with her son.   

The Jack-O-Lantern

The learning intention is: Use the structure and features of a narrative

Jack -O- Lantern
The story happens to be  in the Netherlands 2,000 years ago and the people involved is Jack , his parents, the townspeople, and the Celts ( people in Ireland ).

Every day Jack lies more times you can count. At one time he lied to his parents and they had to move away from their town to another. He caused so much trouble the people in the new town said that he had to go away.

One night his parents put him on a floating piece of ice big enough to carry him and they said to each other “That is what he gets for lying.” So he floated away to the direction of  Ireland and the Celts saw only his head because of the lack of food and used it for a decoration since it was Halloween. Jack’s spirit went back to the Netherlands and made all the townspeople and  his parents suffer the same fate he did and the Celts found their heads.

Soon they thought that their god wanted to use it as a decoration and so the did. Generations past and the Jack-o-lantern is used as decorations and is used every Halloween everywhere all over the world.

The moral is do not lie.

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 Cybersmart-Personal and Private
We have been learning what is personal and what is private on online.

Personal information we can share online  e.g. favorite things, hobbies, favorite food ,first name and age.
Private information we do not share online  e.g.home address, birth date, home phone number, full name. If we are not sure we keep it private.